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Carto.com – Interactive mapping & metadata application

I have been looking at tools that will allow me to create my digital platform and I found  carto.com. This platform builder and interactive map interface looks like it maybe a strong contender for the system that I want to create. It has the metadata functionality that I hope to include and it allows the user to interact with the information being displayed.

My project aims to document and geotag all Public Art in Ireland. I want the general public, artists, historian, students, teachers, families etc to be able to go to a single platform and gain access to information on their doorstep, without having to dredge through multiple dead links, blogs and various council databases. Looking at the Carto Builder and its functionality, I believe that this maybe the tool to help me achieve my idea. I am conscious that I have my project completely defined prior to choosing the final tool, as I want the project to be defined by the end goal and ideas and not by the limitations of any specific tool.

I have been using Neatline with Omega as part of my collaborative project and I find it quite easy to add content and to use. I haven’t yet tried to stylise the layouts using CSS, but I am sure that I will be able to use it as part of my project idea. At this point, I am becoming familiar with all the tools that I am being introduced to and finding out how they work, their functionality and whether they may be something that I can use when completing my own digital platform. With Neatline,and Omega, the metadata functionality is great, I can add the information and it is stored on the system but can be displayed to the audience if needed. This is something that I had not considered prior to looking at these tools and it is something I believe might at value to the content that I add it the platform. I also quite like the timeline function with Neatline as it is something very relevant to Public Art in Ireland and the historical data.

The Exhibition and Collection functionality in Omeka may be a great way for classifying and categorising the content also. It would be great to be able to add the multiple Public Artworks created by individual artists, or categorise in collections the works by county/location.  Also, as my project concept looks to include not just public roadside art, but also historical Art such as the Stone Crosses or Heritage sites, I would like to be able to create collections or exhibitions of these ones by era.

I also need to consider as my digital platform evolves, whether the software that I use will allow my content to be converted easily to a mobile app version or whether this will need to be created separately.